WVD Price Match

We will match any prices on the internet, sites that charges shipping will be added to the price match cost. The model must exactly match the product we are currently offering. We buy direct from the manufacture so we are confident we can offer the best prices on the market. We are only able to offer price matching on creditable site, for fake or scam websites we will not be able to match the prices. How to find out if a website is fake or a scam? They will provide only an email to contact them or provide an invalid phone number. If you find a better deal from a creditable site, we will match it and ship the item priority mail as promised. Please feel free to call or email our reps. about price matching details. 

Weight Vest Deals Promise!

We offer the lowest price on the market on the vest we have. All warranties and quality will be the same as purchasing it from anywhere else. We have the newest model in stock while offering the deals no one can beat. If you do not like the vest you received please contact our customer service reps. and they can assist you by offering a better model that fit your needs or your money back.