Rich Froning Jr. - 2011 & 2012 & 2013 & 2014 Crossfit Champion using MiR Weighed Vest doing his WOD, workouts used in the CrossFit 2010 competition, and other workouts that goes great with a MiR Weighted Vest. Using a weight vest will aid you in strength, speed, and stamina training. Vest used in the videos are the Fittest Narrow and Air Flow vest which is designed especially for CrossFitting.

Few of the top crossfitters nationwide working out with the MiR weighted vest. Other past Crossfit Champion such as 2008 winner Jason Khalipa has also used MiR Weighted Vest. Recently 2010 runner up and 2011 Crossfit Champion Rich Froning Jr. has also used the MiR weighted vest. Video shows top crossfitters around the US using the MiR fittest narrow vest in their WOD. Athletes are Ben Stoneberg, Bill Grundler, Breck Berry, Chad Augustin, Dane Youtz, Daniel Tyminski, and Todd Edmunds.

Crossfit Jason Khalipa Working out with MiR Weighted vest. Jason Khalipa doing FRANS, 3 sets of it. First at 42, Second at 30, And the last at 18. Overall feeling the weighted vest and the resistance it puts on the workout. In the end giving hom a better workout.

Training for Crossfit with MiR Weighted Vest.Jason Khalipa is training his student, while they are incorperating the MIR vest in their workout. A regular day working out, but adding the MIR Vest so they can add some resistance to the workout.